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1967 MG Midget ORANGE Kevin Dick

1967 MG Midget
"Dame Judi"

1 Vehicles — Total mileage: 73,500 mi (118,287 km) — Average age: 1967

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Cutting My Teeth...

Posted on: Sunday May 17, 2015

The starting point

So what do you do when everything has been removed from the car that can be removed??? Well of course you start the real work of putting it back together. Since this is my first time doing anything like this, I looked around for something to start on that would not be too difficult. I needed something that would teach me how this works, and maybe not be as visible as some of the other tasks. I picked the replacement of the battery tray/heater duct. The first thing to do is get the remai...

What Do You Do When Everything Is Off? Put It Back Together

Posted on: Sunday May 3, 2015

On Rotisserie with everything off

Well guys, it took 4 months but everything I can take off the car is off the car. Now starts the real fun, putting it back together, I have a feeling that might take longer. First up, body work, I'm going to start with replacing the battery tray as it seems like it will be the easiest thing to start getting my feet wet. Then maybe take care of some of the light rust in the body tub, leaving the floor pans for the end. I am still debating on replacing the trunk (boot) floor pan. It really...

Slow But Sure, We Will Get There

Posted on: Sunday April 5, 2015

Front Mount for Rotisserie

So it has been a few weeks since I posted any progress, that doesn't mean I haven't been busy, just not doing things that have a big impact. I guess I have slowed down from the initial pace, but when I started this project I told myself there would be no schedule and no time line. So what have I been doing? Well most of the time has been spent building the rotisserie that the car will soon be going on. I have been keeping an eye out on e-bay for some things I know I want and/or need. Scored...

Lightening The Load

Posted on: Monday February 16, 2015

Coming out of the Engine Bay

I have slowed up a little on the disassembly of Dame Judi but today the engine came out. It was a little anti-climatic as I rented the engine hoist at 8:55 this morning and returned it at 11:00 Job done no horror stories. Now I had the engine all disconnected and it was really only sitting on the engine mounts so I wasn’t really expecting there to be any problems. The biggest issue was the huge engine hoist I rented was to wide to fit under the front of the car, but easily solved by coming...

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