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jeannette solomon USA

Author: jeannette solomon USA
Total 3 posts - Started on 2013-08-19

4mgb 2013
My last journal entry was 4 years ago. My MGB is wonderful. She starts up on a dime and runs smoothly. I have decided to take it slowly. I have realized that the roads are not as peaceful as in the late 70's and 80's, when I cruised the country from NJ to CA in a 67 MGB. The energy is more agressive. I am presently sticking to country roads, those less traveled. I always enjoy passing and waving to a fellow MGB enthusiast. Today, while out in the B, I came across two 80ish year old women. The two stopped chatting to say they loved my car. They both said to make sure to drive it til ...

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Victoria Tan USA

Author: Victoria Tan USA
Total 1 posts - Started on 2017-03-28

3plcenter logo
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Joe Balfour CAN

Author: Joe Balfour CAN
Total 1 posts - Started on 2012-10-05

Well oner the last couple of years my 64' B has been in the garage and only had 'maybe' 50 miles obit last season. Took the cover off it today sat in it, with lts of snow and ice outside and realized how much I enjoyed this little car. Can hardly wait until the weather warms upand can renew the joy of this great little car.

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Tom Berry USA

Author: Tom Berry USA
Total 6 posts - Started on 2014-01-15

I'm going to sell my spare 1600 MGA motor. This is a complete fresh motor and includes everything from the fan blade to the clutch and the rocker cover to the pan. It also has an early MGB front cover with an oil seal. The motor is currently on my run in stand so you can hear it run, monitor oil pressure, coolant temperature, rpm and even run a compression check if you want. Interested parties can contact Tom Berry at or call 816-835-8262

Peter Kulbacki USA

Author: Peter Kulbacki USA
Total 1 posts - Started on 2012-02-17

after 2 years of difficult starting, changed the starter.

Terence Lovell AUS

Author: Terence Lovell AUS
Total 2 posts - Started on 2015-01-27

More work been done on the Stag, installed four new headlights and bowls, the old ones were rusty, also upgraded the lamps to new, changed the outer headlights to H4 from H1, so now have all four lamps on when main beam is on, so much better. Installed new muffler system complete, the old one was two loud when cruising. Installed new stainless sills which had been left of when car was repainted by previous owner. looks good. Replace dash lights to LED so can now see the speed at night? Looking at the Patton fuel injection system? any body here installed on there car? That"s it f...

ernest Sawyer USA

Author: ernest Sawyer USA
Total 1 posts - Started on 2014-11-10

well I purchased this car with the intent for restoration and sale for profit, well as things happen now I have other more important issues in my life and need to sell it so I can take care of other things pending in my life. I put a lot of work into this car and really hate to let it go but it needs to be done whoever purchases this car will be getting a good deal for all the time and labor I put into it was really a joy for me

Stephen Jones USA

Author: Stephen Jones USA
Total 2 posts - Started on 2010-07-12



Author: Jim S USA
Total 1 posts - Started on 2014-07-03

Beautiful car to drive. So much enjoyment. No longer was suitable for family and car sat in garage. Only driven in summer. Hate to give it up but my sons or I do not have time or interest in putting the work into getting her back into shape. $4,000 or so of body parts and some tender loving care would put her back into A1 shape.

Steve McCarthy USA

Author: Steve McCarthy USA
Total 48 posts - Started on 2010-12-08

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Road Trippin’ with Steve McCarthy What’s two hours worth? Lot’s of answers to that. Time with a newborn? Priceless. At the higher minimum wage that people are screaming for? About $30. Before taxes. On a Road Trip? It’s the difference between a mind stultifying endless slog up the I-5 and the FAR more pleasant cruise up the 101. Two whole freakin’ hours longer. That’s it. It’s the difference between eating McKing Jr. and a Bison Burger in Atascadero. It’s the difference between a Denny’s pancake and waffles at the Worker Bee in Carpinteria. It’s the difference between ...

Vernon B USA

Author: Vernon B USA
Total 2 posts - Started on 2014-01-12

The Trophy Discarded in the Trunk
Finally. I was able to get outside and start working on Syren (March 23, 2014). She has been parked behind the garage and buried up to the headlamps in snow most of the winter (since I brought her home in Jan 2014.) due to lack of room. She still needs some brake work ( I have new masters and slave cylinders) to be safely driveable. I also have a complete tune up kit and need to change all the fluids. Due to limitied time today I thought I'd start with the paint and body as this is her best feature and the one that should be first preserved. By going over the body with wax and an orbital po...

Bruce Clarke CAN

Author: Bruce Clarke CAN
Total 1 posts - Started on 2014-02-23

My current foray into British cars was started by purchasing what I believe to be a 1952 A40 Somerset. The former owner swore it was a '48 who in his "better" judgement decided to hot wire it in gear and soon found the clutch didn't work and neither do the brakes. This resulted in the smashed grill and mangled front end. After I got the old girl home the inspection revealed this car was in dire need of more than a little bit of cosmetic work, the firewall is badly rotted, clutch stuck to the flywheel, only 2 doors securely close, the interior is missing completely, and there are holes in the f...

David Hamann AUS

Author: David Hamann AUS
Total 1 posts - Started on 2013-10-29

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gary scott USA

Author: gary scott USA
Total 3 posts - Started on 2012-10-12

October 2013 so far this year I have replaced Battery, Fuel pump, front brake pads, alternator, temperature control sensors, front seat covers. coming up are outside door handles, lower radiator hose, shifter bushings, and ...

Manuel G.N. USA

Author: Manuel G.N. USA
Total 1 posts - Started on 2012-11-20

Nov 2011, this car was acquired online and delivered to Illinois

stephen burke USA

Author: stephen burke USA
Total 3 posts - Started on 2012-04-30

need a exhaust manifold heat shield and a oil pan for a 68 mgc roadster

Stacy Scott USA

Author: Stacy Scott USA
Total 1 posts - Started on 2012-07-02

aray zyada soda kam thora pani mila

Patrick M USA

Author: Patrick M USA
Total 1 posts - Started on 2011-10-11

Hello everyone, my dad recently acquired a 1977 MGB and plans on handing it to me as a first car for me to learn manual with. It looks like such a fun car and I can't wait to drive it. I've always been a fan of older cars, they are all just so unique. Not like the cars of today. Anyways, so far I've only replaced the spark plugs on it, did a bunch of detailing and messed around with the electronics. It needs an oil change, the driver's side and spare tires inflated, the cooling fans working and a muffler repair. A few gauges aren't working either (Temperature, fuel and tach). Otherwise, it...

Steve Frazer USA

Author: Steve Frazer USA
Total 2 posts - Started on 2011-02-03

Timing is way off, got to figure out how to keep the motor from running on after shut off. Time to assess all that is needed to restore theMG, Do we go original or modify and just make a fun, cool car.

j d g USA

Author: j d g USA
Total 1 posts - Started on 2011-06-03

removing the drum
take a flat block of steel.....drill two holes....what ever two wheel studs apart. drill and thread a center hole with bolt..take cap and cotter key and nut block on wheel. use wheel nuts to blot plate to drum....use blot and tighten till drum slides off....hope wheel bearings come off clean.....

Mike Atwood USA

Author: Mike Atwood USA
Total 1 posts - Started on 2011-04-28

As a collector/restorer/and avid driver of fun stuff, I had to have the top selling British sports car of all time. I found a nice example MGBGT in a barn, on a ranch in great Falls MT. It was immaculate and in great shape. It was badly in need of a tune-up, had good oil pressure and compression so I loaded it up. Upon more drives I noticed the oil pressure intermittently dropping then back up again etc until I lost it all together fortunately without any serious damage to block etc. In the rebuild my mechanic and I discovered the wrong oil pump had been used with a shorter shaft that was ju...

thomas w. williams USA

Author: thomas w. williams USA
Total 1 posts - Started on 2011-03-11

KGrHqIOKo8E1qi0HjCLBNbZ8th3YQ 3 1
don't know exactly what to say being this is a first for me.(doing a journal/blog) but ol dogs can learn. my profile pic is my wife and my just purchasaed mg mid. will be here in ms next week, then i will be adding lots more, info om it .

Paul Maggioncalda USA

Author: Paul Maggioncalda USA
Total 1 posts - Started on 2011-02-21

I have been working on the roadster for the last 6 years and honestly got a little bored so I went out and found the 70 GT to have fun with. Great car, lots of fun. Still working on the roadster and hope top have it running by early summer 2011. Meanwhile, the GT needs some cosmetic help and this spring I will install the rebuilt 18V motor along with the Datsun 5 spd as well as the interior QuiteRide kit of insullation, should make the Gt even more fun.

Mail List Archive Bot USA

Author: Mail List Archive Bot USA
Total 1 posts - Started on 2010-11-17

Converted and posted XK-Lovers mail archive from 1996-1997 on The Jaguar Experience at

Larry Bass USA

Author: Larry Bass USA
Total 1 posts - Started on 2010-10-14

Trade your car for NC Land
Trade me your convertible and I'll allow you Full Dealer Retail or Market Value (higher of 2) in trade value. Trade for my NC coastal-area property. I have seven lots in a private subdivision, located midway between Myrtle Beach, SC, and Wilmington, NC, just North of Oak Island. Lots are priced 35% BELOW tax value due to the economy. Check out my FSBO ad: Send me your email address & I'll send you more info. Great investment, and Retail for your vehicle! Larry 336-624-6773 (8am-9pm/talk/text)

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