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Contact John   518-795-8035
Location 2556 River Rd., Melrose, NY, USA
Date June 03, 2018

RESCHEDULED! 2nd-Ever, Almost-Annual, Northeast Spring Meet - C'mon Down!

Get it Out! Fire it Up! Bring it Here! We can have a tech session, show off improvements and progress on new builds, hop on a country track to race around, and good times for you and your cyclekart! Please respond by May 30 to let us know if you're coming, so the fridge can be stocked appropriately. The shop will be open (tools, fuels, drink that cools). The 'pit' area is newly paved so we will have mixed surface to play with (still plenty of grass and dirt, too). Suggestions for format are welcome, as this is totally freeform at the moment, but the tentative "plan" is this:

Sunday morning about 11 AM: arriving hordes

Sunday morning til about Noon: meet and greet, set-up and test (and fix)

Sunday at 12:30-ish: LUNCH!, let's eat

Sunday after noon: let's race! Several heats as practical!

Sunday later: fix 'em as needed, pack 'em, sit and gab, plan next event.
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2018-04-03 13:34:10 # 49478
Comment by Dave Ashley
As a spectator
2018-04-04 05:33:28 # 49491
Comment by andrew roudny
A tentative "yes". The Vulture may not be ready to run, and I've got some life stuff to do as well. But I hope to be able to make it out there!
2018-04-19 20:26:16 # 49778
Comment by Ian Carlson
I'll come to spectate!
2018-04-20 19:38:58 # 49803
Due to other committments, I can't make it this year.....sure hope there will be ...not almost....a 3rd annual!!!!! It's only a days drive for me from Moncton to Albany.....lots of places to stay.......its now on my "to do" list.....see you in 2019....----rodder-rick (Rick Wood, Moncton New Brunswick)
2018-04-27 16:01:44 # 49906
Comment by Bruce C
The Mrs and I will be there! Sure wish I'd had time to get my kart completed, but maybe by fall...
2018-05-02 14:01:55 # 49975
Comment by John Corey
Well, Tru-blue N.E. CK'ers, I gave part of the course its first mow today. We've had LOTS of rain, so there are spots I couldn't yet go. The goatbarn turn is also all new soil and seed! IF its dry, we'll be kicking up some DUST. If it stays wet, we'll be pitching some mud clods. Either way, we'll have fun.
2018-05-03 15:12:37 # 50000
Comment by John Crawford
Thanks for returning my phone call. I'm eagerly looking forward to event day! See you then.
2018-05-14 22:43:01 # 50165
Comment by Jerry Hoover D
jerry hoover second test run tommorow ( 15 th) then a paint job and i'm ready. Hope it doesen't rain.
2018-05-15 12:38:06 # 50170
Comment by John Corey
Go Jerry! Just go fast enough to get between the raindrops! See ya Saturday.
2018-05-16 14:16:23 # 50201
Comment by John Corey
Well, rats. Saturday weather is looking rather suboptimal (cool and rainy). I'm still game, but then, I'll still be at home! It's still early, weather being as changeable as it is, but perhaps time to poll the party. Any thoughts +/- on sliding a week to Saturday May 26? Please reply with your availability and opinions.
2018-05-16 14:17:00 # 50202
Comment by John Corey
It's improving - I hope we can still go this Saturday, just looking for opinions, just in case!
2018-05-16 14:40:24 # 50203
Comment by Bruce C
It looks like a wet week and possibly a wet day. I'd be OK with going to the 26th. We want Cyclekart racing, not swampbuggies
2018-05-16 14:42:44 # 50204
Comment by Bruce C
Oh, actually, that's Memorial Day weekend. Not hitting the road with the mobs and speed traps. 26th is a non-starter.
2018-05-17 09:43:46 # 50211
Comment by John Corey
Folks, it looks like a washout Saturday! Double RATS! As Bruce notes above, next weekend is Memorial Day (USA), and likely tough for travellers. My next opening here is June 3, a Sunday. Anyone OK for then?
2018-05-17 11:40:03 # 50214
Comment by Bruce C
That works!
2018-05-17 12:15:46 # 50215
Comment by John Corey
The weather gods frown on the original date! 70's either side, but 50's and 100% wet on our original date. I'll still be here if any friends wish to drop in, but I think we have to move the event, tentatively to June 3 (currently awaiting availability from registered participants).
2018-05-24 05:33:16 # 50345
Looks like a good course......have a blast and race safe!!!!....Rick Wood
2018-05-31 16:44:48 # 50496
Comment by John Corey
The weather looks GOOD! partly cloudy 72F. We're ON!

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