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Paint preparation has begun! Finishing up the bonnet. Refinished the dash with walnut burl, it looks great. Body was separated from the frame and placed on the rotisserie. Floors, sills, fenders, A and B-posts are done. Frame/jig on the rotisserie worked out great, nothing moved or twisted. Cleaning up welds on the bottom side now. Frame has been treated with internal frame coat, Now painted with AG111 MasterSeries frame paint kit. O/D transmission rebuilt. Motor run and test of the overdrive transmission completed.
Lots of progress being made....

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Rear Brake Hubs And Dust Shields

Posted on: Monday September 18, 2017

Getting the right rear hub painted

I got some time this evening to finish painting the rear brake dust shields and hubs. Once the paint has cured and I get the new lines run, I can get started on assembling the rear brakes. Still waiting on the front A-arm pivots and swivels before I can get the front end re-assembled.

Rust Removal, Painting And Priming Wheels

Posted on: Saturday September 16, 2017

Left side rear brake almost ready to go back toget

I got a little time to work on the MGB today. I had soaked several rusty parts in Evaporust and it took care of most of it. The fuel filler neck was coated in rust in the inside and it came out pretty nice. The brake adjusters also came out good. I used a wire wheel in the left rear brake dust shield and wheel hub. I the got a coat of black in the dust shield and Castblast on the hub. Jeff finished sandblasting the last two rims and I picked them up. I got a couple of coats of sel...

Painter Progress #10

Posted on: Wednesday September 13, 2017

Oh boy this is looking good

Mitch got the hard top painted. Looking good!

Operating Clutch, Rear Brakes And Priming

Posted on: Sunday September 10, 2017

Finally a clutch system that works

I got quite a bit of time today to work on the MGB. I got the clutch hardline hooked up. I tried gravity bleeding the clutch and got nowhere. I tried vacuum bleeding and was still getting air from somewhere. Jeff Strong (local MGExp member) has been sandblasting my rims. He brought two more over, so I asked him to help me bleed the system. We tried the two person pedal push bleeding, but were never able to develop pressure and it still seemed to have air in the lines. He has an EZBleeder...

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