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cwIMG 1600 1 cylinder set to TDC
my condensed version: phas·ing ?f?ziNG noun: the action of dividing a large task or process into several stages. "the phasing of the overall project". The relationship between the timing of two or more events, or THE ADJUSTMENT OF THIS RELATIONSHIP. We don't have xray vision, so it's our best guess, unless you drill a hole (used dist cap) and adjust the distributor so the rotor is pointing at the center of the cap's #1 wire's hole. 1. set #1 cylinder at TDC, adjust dist to phase rotor's tip to center of cap's #1 wire hole (per mark centered below #1 wire, or drill old cap to see ...

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Leaving in two days for a trip to the Nurburgring. Oh, yeah, and a cruise up the Danube, too. My wife wanted to take the Viking cruise from Budapest to Nuremburg, but I had other plans! Got a car reserved to drive the 'Ring, I'll post the experience and hopefully some photos too, when I return. Wish the GT6+ was going along too!

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3rd October 2017: Replaced cheap old car rug from 1981, with pure virgin wool version made in Portland, Oregon. 6th October 2017: I've been a bit busy with important financial paperwork of late, but after much consideration and measuring, it has become increasingly apparent to me that I will not be able to fit the 3.25"/83mm long 1750 lumens each LED driving lamps on my Vitesse due to lack of space/room for adjustment, so I have ordered another pair which are 2.10"/53mm long & 1800 lumens each to install in their place. These use the same wiring harness. I will fit the longer ones on my dai...

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Right side on and the brake looks great
I got an hour or so yesterday and another this evening to get both front bearings and hubs mounted. I used two of the three original shims that were installed when I disassembled the hubs and ended up with about 0.003" free play on both and the turn freely. I mounted the brake caliper on the right side and ran out of like before I could finish the left. Tires are on there way and should be mounted by the weekend. Falken Sincera 185/ 70R14 size. Good progress.


IMG 1865
This consisted of 2 patches: 1 flat patch in the cockpit, and a curved patch for in the engine bay. Definitely a strange place to rust out, the rodent nests did a real number on it. I had epoxied the inside of the patches a couple weeks ago when I did the pedal box shelf panel I made. Welding in the patch on the engine bay side was a real chore, a lot of it was upside down welding and there's no room to get your head in there to see well. Luckily I'm a small enough guy that I can fit right down between the engine mount brackets. Every time I do I imagine grabbing the 2 frame rails, lifting...


71 B


IMG 1863
There was a small rust hole behind where the horn mounts on the drivers side, this was a place where I had attempted a previous repair by just welding on an overlapping patch. I cut this off, cut out the bad steel and made a patch that fits and butt welded / plug welded it to the flange on the oil cooler shelf. I sprayed 2 coats of primer on the non-exposed areas of my bulkhead patch, the 2 bulkhead closing panels, and the 2 trumpet sections. The epoxy looks so nice when its done, its a shame some of it gets burned off during welding. The e-coat I sanded with 80 grit and went over it with a...


IMG 1858
I had to slice and weld my drivers side closing panel in a couple places due to some of the overlap patches I used for the pedal box mounting floor, this just made it fit in place nicely. I had made this bulkhead patch a long time ago before I decided to cut out and replace the whole pedal box floor on the passenger side. It took a lot of careful trimming to fit it for butt welding but it looks good. I drilled holes in the flange and will plug weld it to the pedal box floor. I seam sealed back in the bulkhead while I had access. I also seam sealed in the fresh air box. I have decided to lea...


78894 km synthetic 10W30 Castrol Synthc Oil and an OEM filter. Getting the car ready for winter storage. Oct 17 2017


20171017 141256
I have just reached a major milestone in my restoromod of the GT. First overall respray, I had to buy a tent to spray in as my garage is just not big enough. Typically I decided to start it on the Saturday just before the remanants of Storm Ophelia knocked the stuffing out of Ireland and North Western Britain. I was lucky, it seemed to bypass SE England aside from some mild breezes which didn't cause a problem in my region. Apart from running out of paint I seem to have done reasonably well with it, the tent gives a very flat light which makes it very difficult to judge the colour and gloss...


IMG 1856
This past weekend was beautiful weather for MG progress, warm enough to have the garage door open and warm enough to spray epoxy primer. Highs were near 80. I took Friday off with a plan: Epoxy primer is still usable for around 72 hours after mixed, so I could mix a batch, spray the back side of my fuse box mounting panel, weld it on, clean up the welds, then use the rest of the batch to spray the inside of the trumpets, behind the trumpets where I can't access once they are welded on, and the insides of the 2 closing panels. I received my passenger side closing panel on Thursday, it had be...


Been a while since I posted.. bad back.. Still going through the body and sanding, blocking and priming. Just a question if anyone else reads these... once the final primer is down and it looks good, do you wet sand the primer to give it that nice smooth feel? If so, what grit do you use? I have spare 600 here and do not know if it is too smooth for the paint to adhere when i am ready to bring the Razza to the paint booth.


4th August 2017: Alternator wiring done Now to bolt down the radiator, and refill with coolant 5th August 2017: I made a list tonight of the things I have yet to do, too much! Without lists, I would miss stuff, and when working on brakes! 8th August 2017: Tonight. I managed to bolt down the radiator on the left side, which is now more difficult to access with the coolant expansion tank in the way! 10th August 2017: I managed to bolt down the right hand side of the radiator, and test both driving lamps together, all works OK, BUT due to lack of space, both of the driving lamps ...


19831106 Brighton Marina Sussex
5th November 1983: 16,484 indicated, 2360.1 engine, 34.50 mpg, 183.7p/g 6th November 1983: TSSC Thames Area/Hants & Surrey Area's visit Brighton Classic Car Show on day of Emancipation Run 13th November 1983: 16,816 indicated, 2692.5 engine, 30.68 mpg, 183.7p/g 20th November 1983: TSSC AGM, 102,170, 17,032 indicated, 2907.7 engine, 39.67 mpg, 183.7p/g 26th November 1983: 17,360 indicated, 3235.8 engine, 31.70 mpg 183.7p/g 3rd December 1983: Changed Oil in Gearbox/Overdrive December 1983: Léon purchased some rare tuning parts from an advert in the TS...


19831022h Mallory Park Leicestershire
4th October 1983: Herald to SAH (Dunham & Haines) workshops, Leighton Buzzard, Beds, for Suspension work, including shortest front springs 5 degrees decambered rear transverse leaf spring, dual front anti-roll bars and Spax adjustable dampers all round. Combined with the new Pirelli tyres, KGF now handled beautifully, rather like a roller skate, i.e. hard, but you could throw her into corners with abandon! 4th October 1983: 99,756, 14,618 indicated, 493.7 engine, 26.28 mpg 183.7p/g 7th October 1983: 100,042, 14,904 indicated, 780.5 engine, 36.39 mpg 183.7p/g 10th October 198...

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