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After much searching, I finally obtained an original Stanpart Radio Speaker box, from England, to match the radio bracket and period radio. Plans are to have the radio rebuilt with modern internals, so it looks completely original, get a modern high quality 2 way speaker inside the speaker box Then install them. I presently have an inexpensive pair of speakers in the footwells, which I will also replace with a much better high quality pair. A small company in England are producing fuse boxes for the Triumph Stag that take modern ATO/ATC blade fuses. My own fuse box holder was made...

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Down to the bare essentials
This was the "B" at my buddies house. We spent years of weekends wire brushing and scraping on the body.

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The TDA is a misleading prefix. It sounds like an MG, often confusing even the experiences Triumph expert. (hello Ray). Triumph started as early as Henry Ford, about 1905. I do not wish to recall history to much. This is a found car. I did not wish for it, long for it, or want one, until it came to me one day about 8 years ago. Today 4/24/17: I uncovered the car. It has been on the trailer covered with about 4 tarps and a tent since I got it. It is an it, not a woman or a girl or a guy. It is a car or an automobile, nothing else. I do not love IT. I simply respect it for what it is, an o...

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April 23 2017------got MGB out of garage, installed battery, topped everything up and turned the key.......started within a minute and purred nicely. Went for the first ride of the year ....20C and sunny....short ride through Fenwick down Church to river, Effingham to Canboro and back home. Very enjoyable, as usual.


Day one - The drive to the Train. Yesterday we took the drive to to Lorton VA to hop the auto train. We were rained on most of the time which was a first for my B since I acquired it but in no means its first time as evidence by the state of its body. I w pleased that my rehab of the windshield wiper system worked out beautifully, I was a little nervous when I first clicked it to low and got nothing, then move up to high and she came alive.I was able to kick it down to low and they worked so I little more attention needed when I get back. On the way down I was lucky enough to reach a rest ar...


7th January 2016
January 2016, The Vintage Triumph Register of the USA selected one of my photos of my Vitesse to use as the header picture on their facebook group page. An Honour indeed! May 2016, A New privately produced book about the Triumph Herald on my Vitesse. June 2016, I found a much better rendition of the British Union Flag in the local Army Surplus store, which I attached to magnetic backing and replaced the less than accurate copy which has been on there for quite a number of years now. 4th August 2016, I finally found a little time to get back to my car. I removed the new grub screw fr...


Got my new Triplex windshield. Put sealer on the seal to hold it to the glass. Went to junkyard and got Chevy Pickup bolts and test fitted the uprights after shaving down the gaskets. Fit good now so I can try to attach the frame to the glass again. After UPS experience with shipping, drove to California to bring it back this week so it would arrive safely. Nice trip, got to see all Basil's cars. What a collection and a great guy.


Front bracket before It might look like it s a s
After a lot of wirebrushing, and scraping, and WD-40, and wiping, I was able to get the front bracket and the commutator bracked clean and derusted. I also drilled out the rivets of the brush cap, and it fell right out. Along the way I discovered that I had quickly blunted two or three drill bits. Unfortunately I didn't realize how fast they would go dull, and even didn't realize they WERE dull for too long... As usual, here are some pics.


IMG 0007
Completed wiring of the harness from advanced auto wire along with the reworking of the original camaro harness, so I could use the fuel injection and pcm. Hooked up a battery and started Testing all the lights and gauges etc and it all looked good. Decided to hook up the reprogrammed pcm from Brian at BMC and all the pulleys with the AC From Bill at classic conversion. Then used a fuel injector cleaning tank with gas and hooked it up to the fuel rail along with a battery. It went very well...only had an issue with a wire on the starter and the grounds for the sensors on the motor by the ...


As promised, here's the vid: Next up: testing and more ordering of parts...


Tonight I finally gave up on trying to remove the bolts that hold the back of the starter motor on, and just drilled them out. After a while, and lack of talent, I got all 4 out, and was able to inspect the commutator end of the starter. Video at 11! Next, I'm going to test the field coils. If they're good, I'm going to replace the brushes and bushings. Otherwise, I'll have to rebuild the one I have on order....


Removing bolts in front of the MG center console
Removing the MGB heater is considered one of the most PITA jobs that MG restorers come across. Recommendations include having lots of band aids, making sure kids aren't around because of colourful language and have beer, I'm not sure whether the beer is for before the work or after to celebrate, maybe both. With this in mind I've been avoiding dealing with the heater on a regular basis. But, it has to come out now as I prepare to paint the engine compartment. I've thought about masking the heater off and then painting but then I have one ugly in need of restoration heater in a nice looking ...


Ordered some replacement parts for the brakes and a new choke cable from BPNW and man were they quick. Hopefully I get some wrench time this weekend to get the bits installed and the brakes sorted. Also got new tires and floor mats (until I can order and install carpets), seat covers are on their way to hide the damaged seats (for now)


After all that's been done to preserve this car I let myself believe the rear hub bearing would be just fine. well. I have noticed a tiny bit of play on the drivers side bearing which lets me know its likely reached the end of its service life.Ill be replacing both courtesy of Rimmer Bros.


fuse block
I finally got fed up with the crappy fuse box in my CBB GT. The problem is a loose connection between the glass fuse and the terminals in the fuse block. The loose terminal can be a source of numerous electrical issues. The fuses have always been a bit loose and nothing I did seemed to resolve the problem. Another red flag is the area where the glass fuse is in contact with the fuse block terminals was darkened. Also I could feel warmth on the contacts for the lights after a short while with the lights on, not good. That is most likely from arcing due to a weak contact. My first solution...

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