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Dash and carpet and seat sliders installed
Well I finally got on to installing my parcel holders under the dash and installed the carpet. Seat sliders were cleaned up and installed, waiting for their seats to get recovered.

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I have decided to install the disc brake conversion kit from the using the '92 Nissan 240 SX calipers and the '85 Mazda RX7 rotors. John Scholz from Pleasanton, CA provided the adapter plate and I have installed the master cylinder adapter cover from Moss Motors. I have installed the tray under the dash and after I finish hooking up the heater cables I'll install the dash. I have been working on the Honda Accord seats by removing the backs so I could install the ZB ashtrays on the rear panels. The adapter plate is being made so the rails will match up with the ZB mounting...

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Engine compartment painted this week, and installed original air filter housing on the ZS CD150 carb. Engine now much closer to original.

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I decided not to let the error I discovered yesterday to get to me. I've got a car to start, after all. I put the starter together, with two new brushes and two old brushes, and the 3 commutator bracket screws that will fit. But, it still didn't "feel" right. It wasn't spinning very freely by hand. I thought that maybe the new brushes were putting too much pressure on the armature, preventing it from turning. I also compared it to another "rebuildable" starter I picked up ($7 plus shipping, what a deal!) That starter turned a lot freer (though there was much more "endplay", which makes m...


Top side of the bumpers they look fantastic
I picked up the bumpers at Niagara Custom Plating (716 297-1410) and they look fantastic! Mike and his guys did a great job, they look perfect and the finish is mirror like. I thought the price was reasonable and since they were in Niagara Falls it was close by so I saved shipping costs. I will be going back in the future. If you have chrome plating to do I can recommend them. I got a little time over the today and yesterday to finish up the priming of the area around the passenger's side wheel well. I dry fitted the wheel well to the rim and marked the two places I will cut out rather ...


IMG 1669
I bought a Triumph TR 7 after being without a Triumph after selling my Spitfire 2 years ago. The car has been sitting in a basement or garage for about the last 20 years. So my plans are to put it back on the road. I need to address the fuel system, brakes, suspension, belts and hoses. I'll try to update this as i go through this process. The car is almost all original and I plan to keep it that way.


MGB Stop Light Switch Failure May 23, 2017 In the Fall of 2014 Judy and I drove down Missouri 94 to Mount Pleasant Winery to enjoy the Fall foliage and some wine. On our return trip home with the top down, a car pulled along side at a stoplight to tell us the brake lights were not working. As soon as I had a chance when I got home I determined the problem was the brake light switch since the brakes would come on when connecting the two leads of the switch. On this 1969 MGB, the switch is a mechanical switch that is off when the brake pedal is at rest and immediately on pressing on the ...


IMG 1737
Nothing too exciting, but I wanted to add a post to show that I have continued to work hard. I blocked the passenger wing (partially slick sand, partially urethane high build), the passenger door (slick sand), the passenger quarter (top in slick sand, bottom in urethane H, and the rear panel, drivers quarter, door and drivers wing (all in HB urethane). I ended up reworking the front edge of the drivers quarter, the drivers door, and the rear of the drivers wing for similar panel alignment correction as to what I did on the passenger side. Next I will slick sand those repaired areas...


MGB Fuel Gauge and Temperature Gauge Failure May 18, 2017 After driving the MGB 47 years, this spring (2017) I began to notice the fuel gauge would not record a full tank. I did not pay attention to the lower temperature showing on the temperature gauge. Each time I drove the MG this spring, the problem got worse. On one trip to Grafton, Judy noticed the fuel gauge near the empty reading and I explained I thought we had at least a half tank. Last week on a trip over to Jim Roth's house, the gauges failed entirely although they would work for a few minutes after starting. Today, I decid...


Carb banjo
Another use for the Whitworth wrenches. Fixed carb float bowl leak at the banjo fitting. Not sure why the nut on the bottom is 9/16" standard and the fitting is Whitworth, but a "charming" quirk. Burning off gas, so I don't have to drain the tank before pulling it out. It's finally roadster weather in western Washington.


After sitting for over 17 years due to a crappy paint job, I am starting over. I have sanded off the two stage paint that peeled within one year. The body has been sanded and primed, next week it goes in for a new paint job. The engine is at the machine shop getting a make over. I added the extra light housing for turn signals, I will drill out the upper units so the lights can be installed.


When I started this project over 18 years ago, I ordered a new wiring harness and added 8 fuses in order to modernize the electrical system. But over time the original wiring diagram has been misplaced and the current owners of British Wiring do not carry the records from that far back from the original owners. I ran across too many problems; wires with no power, wires that were hot without the ignition, and the really big one - not being able to track down the correct usage of each wire. So I have decided to go back to the stock version and replace the wiring harness, keeping it simple, us...


Turns out that a few weeks ago when I was drilling out the new holes for the commutator bracket, I got the orientation wrong by 180 degrees. Crap. More of the story here:


20170518 174107fb
Finally! Okay, so I doubt that I have set any records for "longest time in restoration," and the clock has not completely stopped yet, but I was shocked reviewing photos over the weekend that I started this process over eight years ago. Eight years!!! It's been so long that I almost forgot how much fun these little cars are to drive. I forgot about the smell when you first crank 'em up, and the vibration they massage you with as you feather the choke to wake them. I forgot about the feel of the road and the little noises that newer cars -- soulless appliances, really -- simply don't m...


Update May 22/17 It became clear that the idea of setting a Saloon cab on an S10, std cab/bed frame (108" wb) might be a bit oversimplified. Much is hidden under the shell. In this case I have had the opportunity o learn much about the ways the TDA was assembled, and found the quirky details ( and I am no expert) that surely separate this car from let's say, any other car I know of. Who else would hang the rear frame under the axle? It is distinctive because all the design and build crews had their primary and secondary education at active plane manufacturing facilities, or shops. The pair...

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