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Well, I'm done! Put the new MC in tonight - what a bastard that is! Haven't put the firewall plug back in yet and I'll sit on it overnight before I fill it up with new brake fluid and bleed the brakes. But it's all in and done. I've ordered new pads for the Festiva calipers but as I'm still waiting for them I've put the old ones in temporarily. They have lots of meat on them but it shouldn't be a big deal to swap them out when the new ones arrive. Pics tomorrow. But I should be able to finish the back off tomorrow and start on the front. I've got new hubs, bearings, rotors and wheels for...

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Taking out the seats and all old carpet.

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After cutting the hole where the original fuse box
Starting the 10 spade fuse box installation today. It will be going in the old position but I do have to cut the original hole to 2 1/2 inches down and 3 7/8 inches across. The emergency hood holder bracket had to be removed on that side, cleaned up and sanded with a little primer. As I am using a GT6 hood, I don't have the safety catch that was on the later hoods and lots of effort to put them on, so not going to happen. All will be painted when the time comes. This box allows me to plug most of the original connections into the spot they were. I'll just be cutting wires and adding spade...

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IMG 1899
I stumbled across Chris with Royal Restorations while doing a search for inner side member repair on the forums. He offered some items I needed that didn't seem to be available from the usuals. Toe board patches, I definitely needed those. He also offers channel that can be used to repair either the inner side member or the cross member; I guess they are the same size but I haven't checked. He'll sell it in whatever length you want, so I ordered 4' since I need to replace to just behind where the front cross member mounts. An entire new inner s...


I had a dentist appointment this morning and when I got home I didn't really feel like welding or anything else on the car, so I decided to sit in front of the lathe and turn my instrument panel. What a tedious job that is.


so i was in part of England in June, killing time in Londre three days before embarking to Southampton and the Queen Elizabeth for a two week tour...Holland, the Orkneys, bits of Ireland, Wales, and fabulous end stop Gurnesey... before back to Southampton. what I did not see: "old" cars... little or none of Triumph, MG, Jag, Healy... they must keep them quiet in the dark, lock and key. is explained to me by some closer to the ground that socialist country policy dictates against old gassers... makes sense... i can say the quality of roads there beats California to pieces... we have such ...


IMG 2631
Framing up the Delage. I will sheet it with 3/16 flexable ply, then cover it with resin and fiberglass.


I have a 74 TR6 that is in excellent shape with body and interior. I'd like to spend some time cleaning up the engine block and engine compartment without pulling the engine and with minimal invasion of electrical components. I'm not looking for show car quality, just want to tidy up under the hood. Any suggestions from experienced Triumph owners?


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The painter just called and they have completed the painting portion. They are now putting the doors and hood back on the car before final round of buffing. Getting excited to see if come together.


Floor pan out
Since I made up my mind, now I have plenty of work to do. I cut/drilled/ground and have the drivers side floor pan out. I cut the captive nut plate away from the inner side member. This will be used as part of my jigging as I build the new member. I cut up some angle iron I had laying around to use as locators for when I remove the inner member. One is tacked between the castle rail and the flange on the trans tunnel in the front of the footwell, right where the castle rail bends upwards. I tacked a couple pieces that touch the insides of the inner member, and that way I can just slide...


Ugh angle iron inner member and overlapped floor
I spend a lot of time thinking and evaluating my work on this car. I would do a LOT of things differently if I was starting over. Its so difficult because your skills improve as you do the work, so then you look back and think "man I could've done a better job on that". I started working in the cockpit and I had made some embarrassing repairs in my youth. I didn't know how to do this stuff, the internet didn't even exist then. I could go on and on. Its not possible to make this car " right" or "original". It should have been scrapped sadly. However, I have come so far, and I still kn...


Business end lacks only hood install and new wheel
The BJ8 is getting very close to its first engine start in 39 years and a shakedown test drive. Engine and trans are in, all the running gear has been refreshed, new bumpers are on and all but a few chrome pieces, which are still in replating, have been added. The new windshield is in place and reupholstered seats are complete and waiting for carpet installation and interior panel installation to conclude. The new dash is in and looks great and a new steering wheel and convertible top are standing by for installation. Last, but not least, will be new wheels and tires.


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With temps still hitting the low 60s here in Kansas, getting lots of shop time. Got engine and transmission in today, might rig up a starting circuit soon and run the little bugger.


These turned up this morning in the post. So these can go on. According to the instructions that came with the kit these pads are held in place using the large split pins shown here. I wasn't really happy with this arrangement so I made some pins and used them instead.


In a previous entry I mentioned that I ordered a new master cylinder for the brakes. When I rebuilt the brakes a few years ago I cleaned up the old square metal MC and painted it with POR15 - silver. Came up ok and looked ok at the time. However, Id noticed lately that the finish had deteriorated and it had started to rust around the cap. I'd decided to replace it with a new one some time ago but had not gotten around to it. Now seemed a good time to do that. Anyway it turned up quite quickly only a couple of days after I'd ordered it. So as I was still waiting on other bits to continue th...

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