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As a tribute to the car's southern Florida history, I have painted the engine compartment in the blues and aquamarines of Hollywood Beach ocean waters.

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Skeeter with his pride and joy 1969 MGB at home in
My cousin "Skeeter" has owned this 1969 MGB since graduating Cooper City High School, Hollywood FL in 1974. We would drive it to Hollywood Beach when I went down to stay for Spring Break. Great memories. He moved to Massachusetts in the 80's and shipped the car up. He didn't drive it much up here. He began to do some work on it by removing the interior and having new floor pans welded in. He got married, had 3 kids and the car sat in his sister's carriage house where it has remained for over 20 years. Unfortunately Skeeter became ill with cancer and died in 2009. I decided to continue what h...

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17th June 2017: Completing New Fuse box. No it's not crooked, the angle of the photo makes it look odd. 23rd June 2017: changed 3" long exterior wood screws for 3½" long exterior wood screws to hold wooden fuse box mountings together. Total cost of fuse box work $298.

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IMG 0474
New booties


New booties


I started building my Autocross Car in 1982 Installed (Silicone DOT 5). At that point in time, it was new and I could only find it at NAPA. I sold my car this past summer to a young fellow here in town. He is kicking ass with it at almost every event. 'GUESS WHAT) Same Master Cylinders, Calipers Wheel Cylinders, Slave and Hoses as I installed in 1982. Actually. mostly the same fluid except for topping up. IT DID NOT DISSOLVE THE SEALS> My MGBGT, built in 2000 Same Story as Above My MGBGT "PINKY" (Sold Now) She Lives in Florida Same Story. Every Car I have built in the last 25 Years left ...


I built this back in the 80's. Still occasionally use it All hand make. READS: DC Amps 0-80 DC Volts 0-16 Vacuum 0-30 Inches Water Temp 100-250 Degrees F Tachometer: Morris @ West Valley Calibrated it for 4 or 6 Cylinder Works for POSITIVE or NEGATIVE Ground Cars HOOKUP: Red light under tack indicates unit on (Red to Coil + Black to GND) Reverse Leads for Positive GND TACH Lead to COIL (Distributor Side) WORKING: The four (RED-LOO...


Well here goes... I have been researching and pondering and now I have decided to just go for it. My car will be based upon the 1930 Bentley Blower and will represent the biggest challenge I have set for myself in terms of DIY. I am an active plastic model builder and recently completed a 1:12 scale version of the same vehicle. I am going to use that model as my reference for the build. Hopefully in a years time I will have it complete. The CycleKart community is very limited in the UK, so far I have only seen two or three UK based forum members but you all seem very generous and ...


Sorry I didnt take pics of pancaked tires. How I came to find my 5th project was pretty much like all the others. Luck. This B sat for 20 years with one short span of rejuvenation about ten years ago. So, it comes as no suprise that the I found no brake fluid in the reservoirs and a bad fuel pump, i.e. I don't know if it will run though it did turnover. Oh yes it had more mud dobbbers than I cared to count. So far - new battery, new tires, vacumed, freed front discs, fuel pump on the way. If the motor has good oil pressure and some muscle ill be happy because the body is quite nice and can do...


Cleaned up waiting for rust inhibitor
I have spent several evenings working on the MGB. After thinking about things, I was concerned that the hoses were connected incorrectly for the fuel pump I took the fuel pump out of the car and hooked it up to my battery so I could verifiy that it was hooked up properly. Fortunately I did have it hooked up properly, so I placed it back in the car and connected the remaining hoses with the hose clamps that arrived. Since the fuel pump didn't have any electrical connections at the end of the exposed wires, I crimped two ends onto the wires so I can quickly connect it when I'm ready to start...


The base material is aluminium
My '76 2500 TC has had one owner and travelled 33,000 klms. Unfortunately late in it's life it was stored outside near the sea and has "rust worm" over much of the top surfaces. This and rust around the wheel arches meant a full rub down and prep for re-paint. I recently bought a rust free door and bonnet to cut down on work, The originals needed a lot of welding etc. While I was collecting these the chap offered a bunch of 2.5 PI wheel covers, all in pretty rough condition. After practising a process I set about stripping, polishing and painting the best ones. A lot of metal tapping to remov...


1974 TR6
I had the motor in my 1974 TR6 rebuilt in 2015 to a high compression (9.5+) spec with Goodparts GP2 cam and roller rockers. The rebuild was done by Richard Good. I retained the original dual ZS carburetors, which I rebuilt. Richard helped me put together a 4 page work list that amounts to considerably more than the simple head work I originally contemplated. My TR6 had 128,000 miles at the time of motor re-build. My work list includes: Shave head and true block for 9.5 CR Mill head, three angle intake valve job Machine intake manifold for better flow. Clean up exhaust mani...


Installed the radiator I nstalled the rubber insulation strips above the fuel tank and wired up most of the rear lights. Nearly completed. Installed the pipe between the clutch master and slave cylinder Installed the overflow tank beside the radiator Got partway through the left hand door reconstruction. I need to order more parts to get it completely right... Did a lot of research and recommend this piece by Norm


Been a while since I last recorded my activities with Veronica (Ronny for short). The latest addition is Powerspark electronic ignition in the 45d distributor. It has made a huge difference to the general running of the engine, not to mention the smooth acceleration through the range with no hesitation as was the case with the points system. I changed to electronic when despite best efforts in setting the points, checking dwell angle and getting the timing right, I just couldn't get Ronny to behave herself. Not to mention, the aftermarket Lucas look alike points and condenser gave me grief whe...


Speed log from my best lap time on Blackhawk Farms
During the lunch breaks over the race weekend I was able to take the Lil Spit on the track. Max speed of 70mph and passing only on the main straight. There were probably 20+ cars on the track of varying vintage. The Spitfire was a blast to drive, good acceleration, great handling in the turns. I was held up behind a AC Cobra through the turns, but he easily pulled away from me on the front straight where I was allowed to pass. I was a bit harder on the car while touring as I did shift several times from 3rd - 4th at 5500rpm. Oil is noticeably darker now. Check out the logging dat...

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